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Astroboter - Form & Void

Form & Void is the second full-length album by music producer Astroboter from Germany. The concept album continues to tell the mythical saga of Astroboter, an energy-based entity which took the shape of a robot - based on a simple misconception by human mankind. The record is a 60 minute music-experience, inspired by Krautrock, Trip Hop, Ambient and Post Rock. Form & Void is available as a digital format and a special cassette edition now.

Each release continues to tell the saga of Astroboter. This second chapter follows Astroboter on a tour de force:

He is found buried and frozen in the Arctic by a crew of early 19th century explorers, who take him back to civilization. Astroboter’s still-unknown master gains knowledge of this fact and sends one of his headhunters, who should take back control of Astroboter. But is his archenemy an exact replica of the same energy or merely a reflection of Astroboter’s own mind? Will he be defeated in the end and vanish in time and space forever?

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Find your answers and more questions:
Experience the album on music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music or Bandcamp. The Special Cassette Edition is released via Astroboter’s label Psychedelic Dungeon Records on January 19th 2018.

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  • About Astroboter

    Astroboter is an experimental musician from Germany. The music reflects the mythical story of Astroboter, a metaphysical energy in the form of a robot. The music is inspired by Trip Hop, Krautrock, Ambient and Post Rock and received positive reviews by producers like Blockhead or Breaking Bad composer Dave Porter.